The Counselling Practice
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  Therapeutic approach
I am an integrative practitioner drawing upon a number of theoretical approaches including Object Relations Theory, Attachment Theory and elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I believe in combining the science of psychology with the art of psychotherapy to bring about lasting change.
Individual counselling and psychotherapy
Individually targeted to help you understand your thoughts and feelings and relieve emotional distress to help you live a happier and healthier life.  I believe that we need to look after our minds in the same way that we need to look after our bodies. Understanding the relationships we have with ourselves and others is an important part of this process.
Couple therapy
Aimed at helping couples improve their communication and to resolve the difficulties they are experiencing. Understanding couple dynamics, conflict resolution, understanding thoughts and feelings in the couple as well as talking about your sexual life together all form part of this process.
Sex therapy
I have extensive experience of providing psychological treatments for common sexual difficulties such as:

   ▪ Erectile difficulties
   ▪ Premature ejaculation
   ▪ Sexual compulsivity
   ▪ Female arousal difficulties

Please contact me for further details.
Counselling and psychotherapy for the LGBT community
I am a recognised expert in the provision of counselling and psychotherapy for the LGBT community. I understand the specific issues that arise if you are part of a sexual minority. My sessions are based on a gay-affirmative model of therapy and aim to help you feel stronger in your identity, form meaningful relationship and life a more fulfilled life as an LGBT person.